Sunrise: 18th August 1993

Sunset: 30th April 2016

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Jay Lennon Gascoigne was just 22 when he died.

From the age of 11 his life was tormented by mental health issues including OCD, anorexia and depression. As soon as he became an adult the services that had helped and supported him through his childhood fell away, leading ultimately to his untimely death.

Now the Jay Lennon Foundation aims to raise £100,000 to fund mental health assessment hospital beds for those in crisis through either mental health or addiction.

In addition we will campaign for changes to the mental health act so that those suffering from addiction caused by their mental illness can receive the help they need.

Jay’s legacy is one of love, inspiration and change. Through his foundation he will always shine on.

Help Support Justice for Jay Lennon Gascoigne

We have been refused legal aid for the inquest into Jay’s death so we are raising funds to cover our legal costs and get answers as to how this was allowed to happen. Please contribute now so we can help other young men like Jay avoid this kind of tragic end. We would also like to thank Southerns Solicitors for all their support and hard work in preparing for Jay’s inquest.

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